Kanye West will be 'homeless in a year' after turning his properties 'into churches'

scandal 17/12/2021

Kanye West thinks he'll be "homeless in a year" after turning all of his properties "into churches".

The 44-year-old rap star has built up a large portfolio of properties thanks to his lucrative music career - but Kanye is converting his luxury homes in order to combat the "capitalist rule".

He said: "We are under capitalist rule, and it’s killing us. It’s time to change that. I’m going to be homeless in a year. I’m going to turn all the homes I own into churches. We’re making this orphanage, and it will be a place where anyone can go."

Kanye subsequently explained that he's in the process of building the orphanage, and that basic necessities should "always be available".

Speaking to 032c Magazine, he added: "We’re making this orphanage, and it will be a place where anyone can go. It should be like an artist commune. Food should always be available."

The latest philanthropic efforts of the rapper - who recently changed his legal name to Ye - come just weeks after he donated 1,000 meals to the homeless charity Los Angeles Mission.

The charity's long-term ambition is to "break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, by stabilising people in a safe and spiritual environment, connecting them to solutions and walking with them on their journey".

The rap star reportedly outlined a plan with the charity just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday to combat hunger.

At the time, a source claimed that the rapper wants to "save the world".

The insider shared: "Kanye had never been there and wanted to see everything going on. He talked about saving the world and how he had all these ideas to work with LA Mission."

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