Instagram hack reveals way to rearrange your pic carousels after you've already posted

trending 15/12/2021

Ever been annoyed about how you can't seem to re-arrange photos on your Insta carousel post - after you've posted it?

The truth is - it can be done after all. A new Instagram hack has just been revealed on TikTok showing us exactly how to do it. How genius is this?

"We’re gonna click the three dots on the top right, select edit and find your trash can button,” says the woman in the TikTok.

“Now delete any photos before the one you want as your cover. You’ll need to keep two photos in the carousel at all times.”

Basically you just delete the ones you want to appear last, then bring them back to life. It's as simple as that.

“Tap the hamburger icon (the three lines) in the top right, go to settings, account, recently deleted. Now, you’ll want to restore these in the order that you want to get them back in the carousel."

“Do that for any other images in the order that you want them to show in the carousel from left to right.”

Time to get re-arranging. We'll leave ya to it.

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