NSFW: Cotton On Body has just released a range of sex toys!

scandal 02/12/2021

Buying a sex toy can sometimes be an awkward experience but Cotton On Body is removing the stigma and stocking a collection of sex-related products! A spokesperson for Cotton On commented,

"We invite everyone to explore what self-love and pleasure means to them. We know it's personal,"

Many Cotton on customers are praising the companies sex positive message!

"Yes cotton on! Embracing female sexuality and empowerment ❤️"

"I love this!! thank you for making toys normal and accessible you guys rock"

"I must admit that I was taken back initially... but now that I rationalise with the thought, why not... it's fact that many women use them... and we need to be okay with it..."

The move hasn't gone without controversy as many parents have expressed concerns about selling both sex toys and children's clothing. Currently, the sex toys are only available online in Cotton On's 'self-love' section which has a prompt asking the user if they are comfortable with seeing the content.

Congratulations to Cotton On Body for creating a safe space for vagina-owners to comfortably purchase adult products!

You can check out Cotton On's new range here!