BlackBerry phones will permanently stop working this week

trending 04/01/2022

It’s a sad day for former BlackBerry users…

BlackBerry phones will no longer work from this week on due to its company stopping software support for the phones.

BlackBerry has said that the phones will ‘no longer reliably function’. Which means that you won’t be able to call, text, contact emergency services or receive data. BlackBerry has said,

‘The termination of these service offerings and infrastructure will also impact functionality for applications such as Enhanced Sim Based Licensing (ESBL) / Identity Based Licensing (IBL), BlackBerry hosted email addresses, BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Protect (allows consumers to lock, locate or wipe BBOS, BlackBerry 10 devices remotely,’ 

‘There is no impact to the new BlackBerry Protect which is an AI-based endpoint security solution.’

We're guttered that this is the end of BlackBerry phones! RIP BlackBerry, you were an absolute icon and we'll miss you dearly!