Tips on recreating the perfect BYO at home

trending 16/11/2021

After spending months apart from out besties, the humble picnic and BYO in the park is making a comeback.

Here are some tips on how to recreate the BYO buzz whilst we're still in lockdown.

Step 1: Get your mates together 

People make the party, so it's time to assemble your mates (keeping to your fave 24 if you’re in level 3).

Fill your cup – literally and figuratively – inviting like-minded people that are down for a raucous rendezvous and will keep the conversation fun.

If visiting a restaurant isn’t on the cards just yet, bring the BYO to your bubble and set up shop outside with your wine of choice and some takeaways.

Step 2: Pick your pairings 

Vino varietals and food pairings should always come down to personal preference, but sometimes a little guidance is key to navigating the world of wine.

If sweet and spicy Thai tickles your fancy, consider partnering it with something aromatic like an Albariño - Leftfield’s version packs a punch with aromas of juicy  peach, tangy citrus and refreshing melon. Trust us - we've tried it and this ones delish.

If Italian is more your vibe, match it with a Malbec like Leftfield’s - a dark, brooding red at home with rich, meaty comfort food - or opt for a Pinot Gris to take the sweet and sour flavours of Chinese dishes to the next level.

Step 3: Make the perfect playlist 

If you’ve got control of the speaker system, then amp up the atmosphere with music to match your mood.

But make sure you know your audience – Wagon Wheel might be a karaoke fave but it might lead to eye rolls during dinner.

If you’re too busy to make one yourself, Spotify has plenty of inoffensive playlists and even restaurant chatter noise if you want to feel like you’re at your favourite hotspot.

Just remember you’ll be back there to enjoy a classic BYO soon enough.

So in the meantime, show your love of local, order some takeaways and bring the BYO vibes home.

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