Sharyn will be taking Maternity leave early and will join us back in 2022

Sharyn and Jayden 04/11/2021

Aunty Shaz Dog announced today that she'll be off for the rest of the year on Maternity leave, and will return in 2022.

Sharyn's been off for the last few weeks with some pregnancy complications, and talked to Jayden, Dan and Sarah on air today to make the announcement. 

"After Bryce and I yarned to our Obstetrician and the doctors, it's just going to be impossible for me to come back to work before this baby comes 'cause this baby could come in 2 hours, or it could come in 3 weeks.

"It just means I'll be off until mid next year now, which makes me really sad because I really wanted to finish out the year so it really sucks that I have to come off early.

"But I have to do the best thing for my baby and my family."

We want to make this very clear that this is a health condition that Sharyn has had with past pregnancies and is nothing to do with being vaccinated against COVID-19. 

As sad as we are that Sharyn won't be in our ear holes until 2022, we absolutely want the best for her and her bubba.

We love you so much Aunty Shaz Dog ❤️

P.S. Don't worry, we're not going to let Producer Dan and Jayden do the show by themselves! The incredible Sarah Gandy will continue doing the Drive Show and keep the boys in check for the rest of the year.