Kiwi buys 100 hash browns from maccas in an attempt to win a car

scandal 03/11/2021

Have you ever wondered how many hash browns you’d need to buy to potentially win a car? Neither have we, but the result is pretty interesting!

Torrell Tafa ordered 100 hashbrowns and a filet o fish in his latest TikTok to get 100 Monopoly tickets from Maccas. With those monopoly tickets, he was hoping to see if he could win a car. Unfortunately, he only managed to score ⅔ of the tickets he needed to win. 

After two hours of scratching, eating, and scanning, Torrell discovered he had won gift vouchers and various food prizes. He managed to get $203 back in vouchers after his initial $270 on all 100 hashbrowns and the filet o fish. WHAT A WIN!

Torrell Tafa you are an icon! You can check out his TikTok down below.