Harry Styles: "I'm not a style icon"

scandal 16/11/2021

Harry Styles doesn't see himself as a style icon.

He's known for his eye-catching fashion choices, but Harry has insisted he doesn't look at himself as a style pioneer.

He said: "It’s funny because I don’t think of myself that way [as a style icon] ... but bringing people together is the thing I’m most proud of.

"[At the shows] I get kind of a front-row seat to see a bunch of people getting in a room together and just being themselves. Not coming to the front of the stage, because they’re hanging out at the back, dancing like nobody’s watching. Having the most basic version of a good time. Humans interacting and accepting each other.

"A room full of people just loving each other is so powerful."

Harry shot to fame as a teenager in One Direction.

However, his outlook on life has changed over the last decade.

He told Dazed magazine: "I was 16 [when One Direction started], I just kind of finished school and didn’t really know what it was that was happening.

"Everything was really new and exciting and I didn’t know how long everything was gonna last. It kind of became like, ‘Woah, how long can we keep this going?’ because I really didn’t expect any of this to happen.

"There was a time when I was younger, and I was in the band, when I would have been afraid for everything to have stopped. I didn’t necessarily know who I was if I wasn’t in the band. Now, the idea of people going, ‘We don’t like your music any more, go away’ doesn’t scare me. I think there was a time when it did. It gives me the freedom to kind of go, ‘Great!’ I’m not working from a place of fear. I’m working from a place of wanting to work stuff out, and try different things."

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