Carole Baskin did an AMA on reddit and answered what she believes happened to her missing husband

scandal 16/11/2021

Carole Baskin's taken to reddit to do an AMA as promo for her new Discovery+ show 'Carole Baskin's Cage Fight'.

There were really no topics off limits. Even when it came to getting probed about the dissaperance of her former husband Don Lewis.

Even through we all know she allegedly fed him to her tigers...

She believes that he may have had a plane crash. But no wreckage was ever found.

Here's what else she had to say:

What do you think happened to your missing husband?

"Don loved to fly and was looking to buy ultralights and experimental planes. I believe Don crashed a small experimental plane or ultralight into the Gulf for a number of reasons. He wasn't licensed to fly, yet did all the time."

"He couldn't file a flight plan and had to take off from closed airports to evade detection. He had to fly under 200 feet to stay off the radar which means he would typically fly out over the Gulf because the air is smoother there, whereas over land there are up and down drafts that will crash you at the height."

"Since phone records indicated he was planning to go to Texas, and his van was found at a small private airstrip and we have never found Don or wreckage, I think this was the most likely scenario."

What is the next law you would like to see passed in big cat protection? Also, your balls are huge for this AMA. Like, massive. Well done.

"Cats and balls kind of go together."

What's the best and worst things that have happened to you as a result of Tiger King?

"The best thing to come of the show was that people saw how cubs are bred, ripped from their mothers, abused, and then discarded by the time they are 3 or 4 months old. Most people didn't know how common the practice was or that hundreds of cubs were born for such a cruel life. The worst thing to come from the show is that it weaponized every person who believed the false narrative without doing any research to know they were lied to."

Overall how do you feel about Tiger King? One the one hand I imagine it damaged a reputation but on the other it gave you a huge audience to spread your message. Was it worth it?

"If everyone were saying the things about you that people are saying here, would you have considered that to have benefitted you in any way? When people watch Carole Baskin's Cage Fight on discovery+ they will see who I really am and have always been."

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