The best 2021 inspired Halloween costume ideas this spooky season!

trending 15/10/2021

Halloween is just around the corner and we love a dress up as much as the next person! Here are some of the best 2021 inspired costumes that you and your friends can try this spooky season…

Squid Game

Now that Squid game is officially the most-watched show on Netflix it’s obvious that this will be the number one costume this Halloween season. The hardest part is deciding which one you want to be!

Grab some coloured tracksuits (depending on what you choose) a black mask and paint your desired shape and you have an easy yet relevant costume to rock this October.

Lil Nas X - Montero

Lil Nas X released his debut album ‘Montero’ in September 2021 and ever since we watched the ‘Industry Baby’ music video we have been waiting for the chance to wear some hot pink sweat pants and rock the badass look as good as he does!

However, if you are looking to go down the more spooky route no need to look any further! Lil Nas X has given us all the devil vibes in his ‘Montero’ video and we are here for it. Grab a pair of black wings, devil horns and some coloured contact and you’re well on your way to creating his ICONIC devil!

Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

We can’t forget about 2021’s sweetheart Olivia Rodrigo. Whether it’s recreating her fun album cover or the badass cheerleader outfit in the ‘Good 4 U’ video, we’ve got you covered!

One of the easiest costumes to pull off this season is Olivia’s album cover. Grab yourself a white singlet, blue jeans and a variety pack of cute stickers and you are set! 

If you are looking to ramp it up a bit the ‘Good 4 U’ singer can also be replicated by wearing a blue two-piece cheerleading set and a pair of long black gloves. 

Wanda & Vision - WandaVision

Marvel has treated us to some great shows in 2021 and WandaVison has to be our favourite! Whether you decide to go with the ’50s inspired dress and suit or go all out in the full superhero get up, you are sure to impress. The options are limitless for this one!!

Blue Shirt Guy - Free Guy

One of the more recent additions to our 2021 lineup is the incredible Blue Shirt Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds in the movie Free Guy.

Now this one is easy… As made very clear in the name you’ll need the essential Blue Shirt. Now that you’ve got that covered to complete the look grab yourself a pair of sunnies, a striped tie, and some beige pants. If you’re wanting some extra points from your mates grab a coffee cup and you are ready to “have a great day!”

Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala

One of the most memorable looks from the 2021 MET Gala has to be Kim K herself (or was it??) Now to pull this off you need just 2 items to look the part...  Yep, you guessed it - it is just a black morph suit and a high-waisted black skirt.

Cruella De Vil - Cruella

Emma Stone was ICONIC in the role of Cruella De Vil so it’s only natural we are wanting to dress up as one of the most memorable villains of our childhood.

Now this one will require the most effort out of our selections but trust us when we say it is worth it! You will need a long black coat, black cape, choker necklace (surely you have one laying around from 2016) and finally a half black half white wig. Now if this is hard to find a white one will suffice but an extra touch of black hair spray should do the trick. 

COVID Tracer App! 

Our final suggestion and probably the most relevant to our Auckland peeps would be the COVID Tracer App. For a bit of a laugh between your mates and a reminder to always scan what better to do than dress up in all yellow and slap a big QR code on yourself paired with a lovely blue face mask to compliment!

Well now that you’ve got ideas for your perfect costume take our helpful quiz and let us know what you decide on!