Ten obvious clues you might have missed watching Squid Game!

scandal 14/10/2021

We’re sure by now you’ve watched every episode of Squid Game, but there might have been quite a few details that passed you by on your first watch.

Here's a breakdown of all the important details, foreshadowing moments and hidden easter eggs that you might have missed while watching Squid Game!

The number 456 followed Gi-hun before he even joined the game.

In episode 1, Gi-hun bets on horse racing and wins! His winnings? Well, it was of course 4.56 million won.

The gift box Gi-hun gave his daughter was wrapped the same as the game coffins.

You've probably recognised that the box Gi-hun wins in the claw machine looks almost identical to the coffins that the dead players are placed in when they die in the games, but tied with a different colour ribbon.

It was revealed that the 'gift box' detail was added on purpose. Art director Chae Kyung-sun told Netflix Korea in an interview: "I think I focused on the mind of the person who came up with the game. I imagined he’d think he gave the contestants a chance as if he’s a god. This is my gift to you. Even your bodies being disposed of in the incinerator is a show of my mercy."

All the players choose the blue tile with the Salesman.

In episode 1, the players in the game start to question why they have all been kidnapped. They are then shown a video in the arena of the players all playing Ddakji with the Salesman. We see that they all chose the blue tile at the start of the game and are not shown anyone choosing a red tile.

This comes after the theory that all players are those who chose the blue tile and all workers are those that chose the red, in the salesman’s game.

The games are hidden on the walls in the dorm room.

As early as episode 4, you can see illustrations on the walls behind the beds but you'll have to be paying very close attention to the background. It starts to become more apparent the more beds are removed from the arena as more and more players die. Once Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Sae-byeok make it to the final three the drawings on the wall are as clear as day.

All the deaths are low-key foreshadowed in episode 2...

Squid Game episode 2 contains major hints that all foreshadow the deaths of the key characters in the show.

Deok-su jumps off a bridge to avoid being killed by gang members and later dies after falling off the glass bridge in the 5th game.

Ali steals money that he is owed from his boss in the outside world, and is later betrayed by Sang-woo who steals his marbles resulting in his elimination.

Sae-byeok threatens a man's with a knife and is later killed by Sang-woo who killed her with the knife they were all given at their final dinner.

Sang-woo looks like he was going to take his life and later eliminates himself in order for Gi-hun to win the final game and the prize money.

Mi-nyeo even foreshadows her own death.

In episode 5, Mi-nyeo describes how powerful she felt when the team all leaned back in order to win the Tug of War game. In episode 7, she finally decides to follow through on her threat to Deok-su that she'd kill him if he ever betrayed her, she grabs him and falls backwards, dragging him to his death with her in a final act of sacrifice.

Gi-hun also foreshadowed his own mother’s death.

While Gi-hun doesn't die in Squid Game, he carelessly swears on his own mother's life while tricking Sae-byeok to trust him. In the end, that catches up with him as he arrives home from the games to find his mother had died on the floor of their home.

Player 001's details are missing from the 2020 players file.

The first page of the 2020 file that Hwang Jun-ho checks to discover who is the frontman is is that of Player 002. Because he was never an official game player, Player 001's page is not included in the folder.

Player 001 sitting alone while everyone chose their teams of two for the marble game.

We later learn that the player who was left alone before the marble game lives and is returned to the dorm without having to play the game. If this is a long-standing competition rule, Oh Il-nam's decision to sit alone in the corner and avoid partnering up with anybody could indicate that he was preparing to use the rule as an escape strategy, allowing him to leave the competition without getting killed or raising suspicions.

In fact... there are several other hints that reveal Oh Il-nam's true identity.

Il-nam knew and enjoyed every single game in the competition which was why he was so happy and eager to play.  

In the honeycomb challenge, the fact he turned down Gi-offer hun's to switch shape knowing the umbrella was more difficult was a telling sign in hindsight.

The Front Man only stopped fighting when Il-nam begged for it to stop, if it wasn’t for him the fighting would’ve continued as he was the only one with greater power…

The way the marble game created a perfect replica of his neighbourhood and residence couldn't have been a coincidence.