Squid Game meets Toy Story in this amazing fan edit

trending 12/10/2021

This is the mashup we never knew we needed...

Toronto based Video Content Creator Mark Cannataro has created a 23-second-long mashup of Squid Game's iconic first-game-scene of 'Red Light, Green Light.'

The twist? The whole cast are Toy Story characters.

He's dubbed it, 'Sid Game.'

In the clip, you can still hear the Squid-Game-Giant-Robot's voice, but visually, she's replaced with Toy Story 4's villain Gabby Gabby. Evil Emperor Zurg, Sarge, and the Bucket-O soldiers are the "workers" in the clip, shooting Nerf balls at the game's losers.

The 'players' participating in the game in this rendition are Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Duke Caboom, and the aliens.

The detail in this is pretty insane, down to Woody falling over just like Seong Gi-hun did in the show.

The video ends with Toy Story antagonist Sid smirking and yanking Woody from the game's arena, while 'Red Light, Green Light' by Snoop Dogg and Limp Bizkit plays.

We were about to say, "now if you have kids that wanted to watch Squid Game, you can show them this!" but on second thought, this may traumatize them just as much as the original show. Lol. 

The creator is a SUPER talented human, check out his Instagram @MarkCannataroFilms here.