Squid Game director explains why Seong Gi-Hun dyed his hair red

scandal 11/10/2021

If you've watched Squid Game, then like us, you were probably been left with a million questions for the Director.

How do workers get chosen? Are Gi-Hun and Il-Nam related in some way? Who's the Salesman? And why on earth did Gi-Hun dye his hair red at the end of the show?

Well, we don't have all the answers, but Director of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk, has answered the hair dye question!

Speaking to Zapzee, he said he "thought about this intuitively."

"Thinking about how Gi Hun should change his hair in a hair salon. I imagined being him and thought to myself, 'what is the colour that you would never choose to dye your hair?'

"Then I came to the conclusion that Gi Hun would never dye his hair red. It would be the craziest thing for him to do. So I chose the colour and I thought it really showed his inner anger."

So there ya have it, Gi Hun dyed his hair to represent his inner anger.

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