Sneak Peek: Cast of Love Island Australia 2021 couple-up

trending 13/10/2021

Love Island Australia is back for season three - with 10 sexy new singles searching for love. Here's your first look at the 2021 cast.

The first episode just aired in Aussie which saw the brand new cast couple-up.

Watch the first coupling ceremony of Season 3 above!



These two were the first couple to be formed on Season Three. He caught Courtney's eye immediately, but will they go the full distance together?



Ari made a move on three guys during the couple-up, making her first match with Taku - who she called 'daddy'. Then later she stepped forward for Ronni and Ryan.

But in the end it was Ryan who picked Ari because she was "something different to blondes." Alright then mate...



Early on in the ceremony, Taku and Ari were initially matched up. Before she left him for Ryan, leaving Taku single. Rachael was also the last one standing too.



Both Jess and Rachael stepped forward for Jordan. But he had his eye on Jess making them the fourth ones to couple up.



Last but not least, Tina and Ronni coupled-up with each other. When Ari and Tina both stepped out, Ronni chose Tina, telling her: "you look even better close up."

Love Island Australia: Season 3 drops on Neon, October 19.

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