Sharyn shares an update as to why she hasn't been on-air lately

Sharyn and Jayden 22/10/2021

Our very own Sharyn Casey hasn't been on-air for the last couple of weeks, and a few listener-pals have reached out wondering why.

Worry not - Sharyn is all good! She's just having some well-deserved rest.

She shared an update to Instagram recently, saying:

"Alrighty, wee update from ya Aunty Shaz Dogg.

"I preface this with baby and I are fine, I am not panicking, but because I’ll be taking another week off work next week and the amount of messages I’m getting ppl worrying something bad has happened, saying I’m on leave doesn’t really cut it.

"Without going into a full rundown of my medical history, I am currently on bed rest & had a couple of hospital visits, but again, this is precaution because I am terrible at sitting still (which my epic OB & MW know all to well )

"I want to make it VERY CLEAR this is nothing to do with me getting a COVID jab whilst pregnant, I’m relieved I have it esp with cases rising, it’s something I’ve had with both this pregnancy and with Tyson, well before I even had my jabs.

"Want to say a massive thank you to the incredible Whānau at The Edge, The Rock & Mediaworks who have been out the gate with their support esp Leon, Casey, Jase, K’Lee, Jayden, Dan and Soph for stepping in for me, I’m so proud of you gal, we threw you in the deep end and you have swum like a champ (also sorry Sean for stealing you co host, esp during lockdown and it’s shit being by yourself) really means a lot.

"Also thank you to our family, childcare, friends and most of all my legend of a team mate Bryce for being a total rockstar.

"Apologies for being terrible at DM’s also, I get overwhelmed so if I don’t reply please don’t take it personally, I’m just trying to keep my busy brain chillllll.

"That’s it from me, reiterating, nothing to panic about just wanted to update & put some minds at ease."

Aunty Shaz Dogg signed off the message with,

Hopefully I’ll be back in your glorious ear holes soon, in the mean time can people please make sure Jayden, Soph and Dan don’t let my guy Tony T-Bone say f**k on the radio again

Good on you Shaz - we fully back you taking some time to chill to keep you and baby safe and happy ❤️