People are using lube as primer in new TikTok beauty hack

trending 15/10/2021

People on TikTok have discovered you can use lube as primer.

It's the latest beauty hack to go viral and it seems very bizarre. Apparently people are now adding lube to their makeup bags.

Apparently it's the perfect base for your makeup. Just like regular face primer, that goes underneath your foundation to help your makeup stay in place, lube can give you the same results. Check it out, but please don't try this at home:

Before you pick up that lube - it actually isn't great for your skin at all.

According to dermatologist Dr. Robert Finney, using lube as primer can lead to breakouts, irritation or an allergic reaction. "There are plenty of good primer options designed specifically with your face in mind," he told NYLON.

Lube isn't made to be put on your face. So please, don't even try.

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