Love Island Australia just dropped a teaser of the new cast for Season 3

scandal 04/10/2021

Love Island Australia have just given us a glimpse into some of the new contestants making their way to the villa this season.

Let's get to know them. Check out the full teaser trailer below:

Jessica - 23 - The intimidator - Cronulla, NSW
“I’m not just beautiful, I’m powerful as well. I say what I want to say, and I do what I want to do.”

Chris - 25 - Riot squad officer - Gold Coast, QLD
“I do get a lot of attention when I head out, being good looking is a curse. To fall in love, that would be pretty cool. I can’t wait to get in the villa.”

Rachael - 21 - Hot geek - Gold Coast, QLD
“I am an old soul and a nerd at heart. I love Lego, Star Wars movies, and I love going to bookstores. I’m not someone who sleeps around and goes to bars all the time.”

Taku - 24 - Rugby player - Wollongong, NSW
“I want all the smoke, if you know what I’m saying. I’m a confident guy, I bring the fun and the party. I can’t wait.”

Love Island Australia: Season 3 premieres October 11 on Neon.

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