Kylie Jenner’s swimwear brand has left buyers more than unimpressed

scandal 08/10/2021

Miss Kylie when will you learn… 

First the outrage of her skincare line and now she’s taken on the swimwear industry.

Customers have complained that the fabric is 'see-through' and the items have 'terrible stitching,' causing Kylie Jenner to be blasted for the poor quality of her swimwear.

To make matters worse, they're not exactly affordable!

Kylie Swim was launched on September 17 and offers four different swimsuits that cost about $80 USD ($115 NZD) and a sarong that comes in at $45 USD ($65 NZD).

In a clip shared to TikTok, one person even showed how some of the stitching on her swimwear appeared to be unfinished.

After splashing the cash to buy the beachwear, a load of people now aren't happy with what they've got.

In fact, tiktok user @tinytello shared her swimwear brand in comparison, giving tips and calling out Kylie Swim.

“I’m going to give you a miniature lesson on what goes into the thought process behind what I did and what some other designers have done and I’ve got different examples for you…”

"We all know that you didn’t double line… as you can see it’s see through”

She went on to add: "Then there’s the chicken nugget coverage” referring to our lady bits. 

“See how yours is so itty bitty that no one can wear that.”

The shade is REAL!!

She continued in a part 2 which really sealed the deal as to why Kylie Swim didn’t hit the mark.


Other users went on to comment: "It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a bajillion dollars for a business and the products still be lacklustre.

"It has me thinking is she truly hands-on or just starting things for fun? Idek. Also, I thought releasing kylie swim in the fall is odd."

All fair points!

Let’s hope Kylie and her team address this ASAP.