KJ Apa just can't get enough of 'wife' Clara Berry’s breast milk

scandal 26/10/2021

Just a month after Clara Berry gave birth to a baby boy - KJ Apa has revealed he's a big fan of drinking her breast milk. 

“My wife is a milk machine and I love it,” KJ captioned a post on Insta. Clara commented: “Happy to feed my family.”

Sounds like he just can't get enough.

In the video, KJ unscrews the lid of a baby bottle, pouring it into his mug. Then he takes a sip and presses the warm cup to his forehead, before laughing with Clara.

Their baby boy arrived in September. “Sasha Vai Keneti Apa, born on the 23rd of September,” Clara wrote on Instagram at the time.

“He is a perfect perfection. I am the luckiest to have now two men of my life, filling my heart with this cosmic gigantic vast love.”

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