Dua Lipa reveals that Fish n Chips are the best hangover cure ever

scandal 12/10/2021

Dua Lipa has revealed that fish and chips is her hangover cure.

She took to Instagram stories to share a snap of her fave fish n chips - with the words "hangover cure", styled in white lowercase.

The 26-year-old popstar has long been a fan of the classic pub food, previously admitting that salty foods are her vice.

She told Radio DeeJay Summer Camp: "My favourite comfort food is… I like comfort food, period. I really like fish and chips, I like a really good bag of crisps. It’s more like salty food for me. But then on the occasion I’ll have like a raspberry donut, but it really depends on the day to be honest."

The star also previously confessed to her millions of followers on Twitter back in 2018 that fish and chips were her remedy back then, too.

Alongside a snap of the pub grub, she wrote: "I’m gonna post this and pretend Im not hungover and in a chish and fips food coma (sic)"

At the time, her use of the slang-term "chish and fips" confused some of her international fans, who had never heard the British terminology before.

In technical terms, it has been suggested that foods like fish and chips could improve blood sugar levels following a heavy night on the booze, and thereby improve hangover symptoms.

HELLO reports: "Foods like potatoes contain fast-acting carbs that can increase your blood sugar during a hangover and improve related symptoms. When the liver is processing alcohol, it no longer focuses on regulating blood sugar, which is why we can feel nauseous, dehydrated and fatigued following a night out."

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