This new game lets you choose how to handle the pandemic and lead the briefings

trending 11/10/2021

Reckon you could do Aunty Cindy’s job and lead Aotearoa through COVID-19?

Well, now you can! I mean, not literally, but you can now play this game that makes you feel  like you're the Prime Minister.

A kiwi teacher named Mr Wills has created a scenario-based-website where you can make all the decisions for your 1 pm conference, and you must navigate the consequences. Because, ya know, you're the PM now.

The game begins by asking you if you’re “ready to lead this great nation", and gives you a number of situational COVID-19 statistics, such as number of cases that day, number of people vaccinated, etc. 

Your “adviser” gives you a few different options for what steps you want to take based off the stats, but because you’re the Prime Minister in this game, it’s up to you to choose.

The game then tells you what outcomes occurred from your decision, and based off that, you have to make another decision for the next briefing. It’s kind of like those old Goosebump books, where each decision you make takes you to a different page, meaning you could end up with a bunch of different outcomes. Ya feel?

We’ve had a wee play, and we gotta admit, it’s really fun. 

So put your Prime Minister skills to the test! Play the game here.