'Couch Guy' goes viral on TikTok after getting surprised by his girlfriend at uni

trending 05/10/2021

Who's 'Couch Guy' and why is he going viral on TikTok?

Everyone on TikTok is divided over a vid that shows a girl surprising her boyfriend at his college in the US. However, loads of people reckon that the boyfriend, who's surrounded by three other girls in the vid, doesn’t seem too excited to see her.

At first glance the vid looks pretty innocent. But everyone on TikTok couldn't help but look into it further. People found his reaction time very suspicious. Some people thought it was a big “red flag” and others reckon there's nothing wrong with it.

After the vid went crazy viral - the girlfriend of 'couch guy' tried to quash all the rumours. She reckons we've all been looking too far into it.

“Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship,” she said.

People don't seem to be buying it. Whether it's true or not - it's now everyone's problem after she posted it. Everyone can be the judge.

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