TVNZ's casting 'sexy singles' that want 'fun in the island sun'

scandal 27/09/2021

TVNZ's on the search for 'sexy singles' to star in a new reality TV show.

They're looking for people who are "not ashamed to flaunt their best assets" and are keen on some "fun in the island sun". Sounds pretty familiar...

Check out the casting trailer below:

Love Island? Too Hot To Handle? Heartbreak Island? A mix of the three?

Who know what it is. They've been pretty vauge with the deets.

If you're been waiting in the wings, this looks like the perfect opportunity to pursue your dream of becoming a reality star and raking in that Insta following.

Casting is now open to men and women aged 18 to 30.

Head over to to apply now.

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