Shane Dawson reveals he’s ready to create again on YouTube!

scandal 01/09/2021

Well, Shane Dawson's YouTube comeback is happening...

The internet personality and YouTube documentary maker has been mostly silent on social media since June 2020, when he was demonetised after apologising for his old offensive content. 

Now, 15 months later, Shane has confirmed that he's ready to start creating again.

Last week, Shane and his fiancé Ryland Adams left California and moved to Colorado. The couple bought a $2.2 million farmhouse, where they plan on starting and raising a family together. 

The move seems to have inspired Shane creatively as he took to Instagram Stories to let people know that he was "ready to create again". 

He then posted to the Community tab on his main YouTube channel, confirming his return.

"Ryland’s been documenting our move on his channel. Check it out if you want to see what we’ve been up to :)," Shane wrote, before addressing his controversies. "(Ps. I know it’s been a long time and I know I let a lot of you down. I promise I’m going to try to make things right and I’ll continue to own up to my past for the rest of my life. Actions speak louder than words so I know it’s going to take time. I completely understand that with all my heart."

Shane also confirmed that he was brainstorming and planning new videos for his channel: "As far as youtube goes I really want to get back to making stuff for my channel again that I’m excited about and that means something. I’m genuinely feeling really good mentally right now and I’m just wanting so bad to make something cool for you guys.

"I’ve been staying up all night just brainstorming and getting excited about the idea of filming, editing, and posting something again. Just waiting for inspiration to hit me."