Sex/Life season 2 has been confirmed!

scandal 29/09/2021

It’s the news we have ALL been waiting to hear! 

If you binged Netflix's hottest show, Sex/Life in one sitting like we did, then you're going to be feeling all types of ways with this news!

Netflix has announced we are getting season 2 of 2021's hottest show! 

Sarah Sahi, Adam Demos, Mike Vogel and Margaret Odette have all been confirmed to star in Season 2. Which means more Billie, more Brad, more Cooper and more of the best BFF Sasha.

We're thinking this upcoming season will be even more passionate and steamy, since Brad (Demos) and Billie (Shahi) are dating in real life!

We’re not jealous, you are!

Even though we're super excited for the new season, there is currently no release date or behind the scenes glimpses so we will have to hold on just a little bit longer!

I don't know about you, but where season 1 left off, it seems as though there is a whole lot more drama in store for the love triangle.

We can’t wait!!