Riverdale’s Jughead has been announced hottest TV character, according to a study!

scandal 03/09/2021

Every year, the TV gods bless us with loads of new, undeniably sexy characters to fall in love with. But, who is the sexiest character on TV right now? Well, it's Riverdale's Jughead and there's evidence to back the result!

A new study claims that Riverdale's Jughead, played by Cole Sprouse, is the sexiest character on television based on thorough social media research.

Lingerie brand Pour Moi have researched to find out who are the sexiest characters on television. 

To do so, they've "shortlisted over 50 popular sexy TV shows and their characters, then analysed which ones are tweeted about the most alongside ‘sexy’ emojis, such as the horny devil face 😈, the drooling face 🤤, water splash 💦 and the hot-and-thirsty face 😅".

Following analysis of over 81,000 tweets, Pour Moi has revealed that Jughead's name appears most next to sexy emojis on Twitter and, as a result, they've dubbed him TV's sexiest character. 

Right behind Jughead are Love and Joe from You at 2 and 6 respectively and Daphne and Anthony from Bridgerton at 3 and 4. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Dairies also appears at 12.

Do you agree with Jughead's number one spot? Check out the list of sexiest tv characters & sexiest shows here.