Pineapple Lumps just dropped a new flavour inspired by Peach Fruit Bursts

trending 17/09/2021

Pineapple Lumps have done it again! This time they've taken the classic peach flavoured Fruit Bursts to bring us 'Peach Lumps'. Interesting...

"Kiwis may remember the delicious Pascall peach flavour Fruit Burst. Well, we’ve given this iconic lolly a modern twist by bringing it back in a new format," says Mitch Newton of Pascall New Zealand.

"We’re thrilled to be releasing Pascall peach flavour lumps inspired by Fruit Burst. After the overwhelming success of recent collaborations like Snifters Lumps, Milkshake Lumps and L&P Lumps, we can’t wait to hear what Kiwis think of this new flavour combination."

Pascal Peach Lumps will only be around for a limited time - so you better be quick fam. Get amongst at your local dairy or supermarket now!

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