The Hunger Games meets Korean game show in new Netflix series 'Squid Game'


Gather around fans of The Hunger Games. A new Netflix thriller has just dropped and it might just be your cup of tea!

'Squid Game' is a Korean thriller drama about a group of 456 people who struggle financially in life and have been invited to play a series of traditional children’s games — think games similar to hopscotch and tag.

Little do they know that they are putting their lives at stake for a chance to win massive prize money. Check out the trailer below:

The games are based on classic children’s games, most of which are specific to Korea. But unlike typical kids games, in the Squid Game they all have deadly consequences should you lose.

It's currently trending in the Netflix top 10 for NZ - give it a go fam.

'Squid Game' is streaming now on Netflix.

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