Macca’s employee goes viral for putting sweet ‘n’ sour sauce on drink instead of caramel

trending 29/09/2021

A Maccas employee in the US gave a customer with a bad attitude the ultimate revenge while they were preparing their drink.

The employee posted a video of himself topping the drink with whipped cream, before pouring over the sweet 'n' sour sauce with the caption: “When the customer has an attitude but u remember I only make 8.50 an hour”.

Cheak out the vid below:

Two weeks later, he posted another vid waving goodbye to Maccas. It seems the previous TikTok that went viral got back to the manager and he was sent packing:

“Ladies and gentlemen you did it…,” he said.

“You got me fired…bye mcbitches. So what’s next?”

Unlucky mate. Guess he'll have to find a new gig.

But hey, he went viral on TikTok. So that's something, right?

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