Kim Kardashian calls out Ellen after making a joke about her son Psalm

scandal 20/09/2021

The Ellen Show has come back for its final season. Kim Kardashian came on for a chat and we can't help but notice how awkward one of the jokes were.

While looking at pics of Kim’s son Pslam, Ellen said: “Psalm was the one wearing the giant chain around his neck. He wears this fake giant chain…”

Kim quickly responds: “Wait, did you say fake? It’s not!”

“Oh my God, it’s huge! How can he keep his head up?” Ellen asked.

“It looks like it’s a wrestler’s belt or something. I just assumed because it’s so huge, that’s hilarious,” Ellen added.

“Yeah, no,” Kim responded.

People were quick on calling out how cringe it was:

Oh dear. Perhaps making this the final season was the right call...

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