Hayley from Paramore finally addressed the Olivia Rodrigo ‘G4U’ comparisons!

scandal 09/09/2021

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, Sour, has seen massive success since its release back in May 2021. 

But Olivia’s rise to success hasn’t come without some contention. 

After noticing undeniable similarities between "Good 4 U" and Paramore’s early 2000’s hit “Misery Business,” fans questioned why the band didn’t receive a credit. 

Well, Paramore's Hayley Williams has finally addressed those Olivia Rodrigo "Good 4 U" comparisons.

After months of chatter about the similarities between the two songs, Williams finally did get a credit on Rodrigo’s album ‘Sour’ in late August 2021. 

She and her bandmate Josh Farro are currently credited as writers on “Good 4 U,” though they weren’t listed upon the song’s initial release. 

Sooo why the long wait? 

Well, the backlash for not giving Paramore credit on the song probably had something to do with it.

After Williams was given credit on “Good 4 U,” Paramore fans were pleased to see the update to the album.

Paramore’s publisher, Warner Chappel, was first to address the update, by posting to Instagram congratulating Williams and Farro for the “Good 4 U” No. 1 success. 

The absolute shade!

Williams then addressed the post shortly after with an unexpected comment. “Our publisher is wildin’ rn,” she wrote over a re-post of Warner Chappel’s post, seemingly referring to the amount of shade the post packed.


Now, this post could have been perceived as shade… But, then again, maybe she was just surprised her publisher had the guts to post about the song after all the drama. 

Either way, a No. 1 songwriting credit is something to celebrate, so congrats to Williams, Farro, Rodrigo, and everyone involved!

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