District council Zoom meeting video goes viral after the world uses it to look busy

trending 27/09/2021

Surprise, surprise. Turns out thousands of people worldwide are pretending they’re on an important work Zoom call - by playing the same YouTube vid of a NZ council meeting.

A Waipa District Council Zoom meeting has now clocked up over 340,000 views on YouTube, because people keep using it to look busy.

This video happens to be the first thing that pops up when you search “Zoom meeting” on YouTube. Looks like everyone had the same idea of finding a generic Zoom meeting, to get away with doing nothing at work...

The comments section can confirm - that everyone's slacking off:

Waipa District Council deputy executive Ken Morris told RNZ that the popularity of their Zoom meeting was “unexpected”.

“It’s great to see the internet community finding humour in council Zoom meetings, especially as the ongoing pandemic makes meetings in person difficult,” he said.

Just imagine all those slackers in the US having to explain why all their coworkers have strange Kiwi accents.

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