Arnott’s are dropping Fried Chicken flavoured Shapes that are like ‘KFC in a biscuit’

trending 29/09/2021

Arnott's are dropping Fried Chicken flavoured Shapes in NZ next month - and apparently they're just like KFC in a biscuit!

They recently launched them in Aussie and the new Shapes Fried Chicken flavour has been compared to the Colonel's secret recipe, but in biscuit form.

Fans are taking to TikTok to describe how good the flavour is:

This vid has over 250,000 views with more than 300 comments from other fans who agree that they taste so similar to KFC.

Arnott's Fried Chicken Shapes are due to drop in NZ supermarkets from next month.

We can't wait to get our hands on some!

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