Are Taika Waititi and Rita Ora engaged? This photo convinces fans!

scandal 06/09/2021

Rita Ora's latest Instagram story has fans speculating that she may be engaged to our beloved Kiwi Taika Waititi.

In the now-removed Instagram story, Rita posted her left hand showing off a hot pink manicure with rings on ALL of her fingers.

Now the suspicious part… her ring finger was covered up with a flame emoji, sparking rumours she was hiding an engagement ring. 

Rita then posted another story this time with absolutely no rings on.

Now we aren’t jumping on board too quickly here but it definitely is odd!

Why else would you specifically hide that one finger?

In May, the Rita reportedly moved to Sydney to live with her boyfriend Taika, with the pair making headlines not long afterwards when they were snapped with Thor actress Tessa Thompson.

4 months from moving in together to being engaged is quick to speculate but who are we to judge? 

It may well have just been the poor placement of an emoji, that just so happened to be covering the one finger that signifies the next step for the couple...

What do you think?

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