A Squid Game interactive set let viewers experience the games in person

scandal 29/09/2021

A temporary replica set of Netflix original drama series “Squid Game,” opened at Itaewon Station in Yongsan, central Seoul earlier this month to promote the show. 

Visitors can experience some of the main games seen in the drama in person.

After the series gained instant popularity during its release on Sept. 17, social media posts have shown a flock of visitors, waiting to try out the games on the set.

Despite the success of show and it’s interactive replica set there were concerns of covid restrictions that meant the set had to close on Saturday, 1 day prior to it’s initial closing. 

“I enjoyed the concept of the set being interactive, with some staff wearing the same masks as the guards that appear in the actual series. But I noticed visitors seemed reluctant to use hand sanitizer displayed in between the games,” a visitor who went to the set on Thursday told The Korea Herald.

“We gave the team approval to operate [the set] as long as they complied with quarantine rules such as maintaining social distancing guidelines and wearing masks at all times,” an official from the Seoul Metro explained. The set was strictly disinfected before and after the operation on a daily basis since its opening, but the decision had to be made after the drama’s unexpected popularity, according to the Seoul Metro.

The original series “Squid Game” is currently number 1 on Netflix NZ.