KFC UK's released Zinger Popcorn Chicken buckets & We're Jealous AF

trending 07/09/2021

We feel like now more than ever we don't need to say this, but we will.... 

We love KFC.

Honestly, not having the dirty bird around is one of the worst things about level 4 and one of the small things making level 3 easier to get through (sorry Auckland, not what you want to hear, we know.)

But whether you're in Auckland or not, there's one thing we can all agree would make life in general so much better. Zinger. Popcorn. Chicken.

The Colonel's just released the limited edition fiery bite-sized Zinger Popcorn Buckets in the UK, available from now until October 31st. 

For now, Zinger Popcorn Chicken is only available in the UK but here's hoping it reaches our shores sometime soon!

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