Lorde reveals what it was like to quit social media

scandal 26/08/2021

Taking a break from social media has become a healthy trend over the past 12 months and our girl Lorde gave it a go, but it wasn't as easy as she expected.

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden she explained that she took a break from social media because her brain wasn't working well anymore and felt social media was becoming an addiction.

"It was horribly difficult, the hardest thing I've ever done. It's still horribly difficult every day. It would be like stopping eating sugar for me like I still eat tons of sugar. And if I don't have sugar, I feel insane," Lorde explained.

After deleting all of her social media posts, fans were left wondering when Lorde would reappear and it wasn't until the 23rd of July when a post was uploaded to her Instagram teasing fans of new music.

Lorde went on to explain that she's adjusted her ways of using social media in her life to have that healthy balance, "my assistant has all my passwords so can run my social media and I've deleted  safari off my phone".

Lorde embarks on a summer tour of New Zealand early next year.

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