Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Glam Looks Take Nearly 4 Hours


To celebrate Kylie Jenners 24th Birthday, she's released a new Kylie cosmetics 24K Birthday Collection. 

To show her fans the entire collection, her and Ariel, her makeup artist shows how she would use the new makeup. While the video of the two of them is sped up to 11 minutes, he reveals that her full glam takes up to three and a half hours, and we are shook. 

Ariel speaks so highly of Kylie, saying,

"My favourite thing about working with you is that you always make it a fun environment,"

"Like she's created such a beautiful family within all of us. It's not just: 'Come and do your job,' type thing. It's like we're all a family, and we're all in here to do this together."

We love watching this dynamic duo. Check out the full video above. 

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