Kanye West shared Drake’s address during their feud

scandal 25/08/2021

Let’s start by saying this is NOT okay!

Kanye shared a Google Maps screenshot of Drake's address on Instagram earlier this week, after previously posting a screenshot of cryptic group chat messages with Pusha-T, who is also involved in the rappers' ongoing feud.

Kanye wrote, "You will never recover. I promise you," in his group chat message. Some people are speculating that the sentiment was directed at Drake. Both screenshots were removed from Instagram shortly after Kanye posted them.

Drake and Kanye have been feuding for several years. Drake allegedly confided in Kanye about his son, and Kanye passed the information to Pusha-T, who then shared it with the world before Drake could.

They've had beef ever since, and it has played out in public forums on multiple occasions.

Drake shared a video of himself laughing on his Instagram Story after Kanye's screenshots appeared on social media. 

Now this may or may not be a reaction to Kanye's posts.

We’ll let you decide!