Jacinda Ardern turned down RuPaul's invite to appear on Drag Race Down Under

scandal 05/08/2021

Jacinda Ardern turned down a chance to star in the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under as a guest judge.

Emails released under the Official Information Act reveal that the show contacted Jacinda Ardern's office last December with a special invitation:

"We would absolutely love to have Jacinda Ardern appear as a guest judge on the show, in fact RuPaul herself wanted to convey how much of a fan she is of our Prime Minister and all the work she has done, as well as her support for the rainbow community," an unnamed casting director wrote.

The emails show the series, featuring Aussie and Kiwi drag artistry, wanted Ardern to join the drag show host RuPaul herself on the show's premiere episode.

"This show in particular means a great deal to the rainbow community, and seeing as you are our most renowned advocate, not just here in Aotearoa - but across the globe - it would be absolutely criminal if we didn't feature OUT most faithful Judy. We really do love and adore you."

"We do however, appreciate that you're super busy, and family time is also important - rest assured there will surely be time in between takes for you to make important phone calls (Clarke asking you if you want to fish for the fifth time this week) - and guaranteed I'll be on the sidelines chucking some sausage sizzle your way."

How tempting! But unfortunately it wasn't enough for Jacinda - her chief press secretary repied on her behalf to politey decline the offer:

"Thank you so much for the invitation for the Prime Minister to appear on the season of drag race being filmed in New Zealand. Unfortunately, we are going to have to decline. The start of the year is very busy for the Prime Minister with various events being juggled. Best wishes for filming and we look forward to watching it."

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