Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Baby #2? We’re Decoding The Clues

scandal 12/08/2021

Fans have been speculating whether Miss Kylie is fooling us yet again...

Remember 2017, when Kylie kept quiet about her pregnancy with baby Stormi? Well, it seems as though fans believe she is trying to bamboozle us once again!

Kylie also did not publicly address her pregnancy until a few days after Stormi's birth. Although the entire world was aware of her pregnancy for months, she hid and kept all associated news under wraps.

That was entirely her decision... but it also suggests that fans are aware that she may be hiding another secret.

So, what is it that has people buzzing and assuming Kylie is pregnant again?

Sushi... or a lack of it.

Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her "sushi" rolls to her Instagram story. Can you notice anything?

The medical community discourages pregnant women from eating sushi.

The concern is that a pregnant woman could develop listeriosis from a variety of foods.

Sushi served with raw fish is not the only option. Hot dogs are also one to avoid.

However, because wild-caught fish usually includes high amounts of mercury, this is another concern for those who are pregnant.

TikTok users have taken to the app to share all of their theories that Kylie’s nail art might be the biggest hint that she could be pregnant. 

We all know Kylie Jenner is known for switching up her nails frequently but has recently claimed she’s “into simple nails” recently isn’t quite convincing.

Check it out for yourself:

And, if that wasn't enough, there's another, more well-known thing that no pregnant woman should ever do: drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol increases the chance of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can have a severe effect on the life of any childbirth.

So... has Kylie been drinking in the last few months?

Kendall Jenner debuted her own 818 Tequila brand.

While there was plenty of tequila at the launch party, many have stated on social media that they didn't see Kylie drinking any.

More notably, there was a toast, with 818 Tequila, during the KUWTK Reunion special, which followed the series conclusion.

While not everyone on stage drank their entire shot, Kylie... Well just have a look at it yourself.

Who knows, maybe we are looking too far into this whole thing. We’re sure Kylie would just address the situation if it were true!