Diplo Has Weighed In On New Zealand’s Covid Response, Sharing “They Suck”

scandal 17/08/2021

International pandemic expert, esteemed virologist and DJ Diplo has weighed in on New Zealand’s covid response. Sure, why not. 

Diplo recently joined Tiga, host of the First/Last Party on Earth podcast to talk about what he has been doing over the last year or so with the impact of COVID-19 spreading across the world.

Tiga kicked off the interview by saying “I've been at home for a year so I don't know if I'm even like mentally all there right now but for a while there was no one to be jealous of. Do you know what I mean?”

Diplo responded, “Maybe New Zealand, but they suck! Honestly they have one case, the whole country locks down. We did lock down for two weeks then we have just been open basically the whole time, the whole year. You just can’t go to movie theatres. Everything else people are doing, getting sick, not really caring, people are dying so I don’t know.”

Okay. Cool. 

Not to brag but in the past year, we’ve hosted huge music festivals, stadium gigs - and we can go to movie theatres. 

But let’s compare the data of New Zealand’s covid response to the American response, shall we?

2,879 total cases in New Zealand compared to the USA’s 35,076,720. But look, in the interest of fairness we can’t compare a pebble to a rock so let’s have a look at the statistics per capita, yeah?

Anyway, if you want to hear what Diplo said you can listen to the First/Last Party on Earth podcast below: