Big Brother just dropped trailer for new VIP edition of show

scandal 09/08/2021

Big Brother have just revealed the 12 VIPs heading into their first-ever luxury hotel, where they'll get rockstar treatment with a Big Brother twist.

They're basically just chucking a bunch of celebs in the house...

Most of the celebs are pretty Aussie centric. But there are a couple of random international ones in the mix. Thomas Markle Jr (Meghan Markle's Brother), Omarosa (The Apprentice USA) and Caitlyn Jenner will be taking part amongst all the Aussies.

Rumour has it - Caitlyn Jenner pulled a six-figure deal for doing the show. Now that's not too bad for a few days work.

Big Brother VIP hasn't confirmed whether it'll be coming to our screens in NZ - but we'll keep you posted fam.