Find out how long the wait time is at your local COVID-19 testing station

scandal 23/08/2021

Have you been concerned about waiting for hours in line to get a COVID-19 test? Or that you will get stuck at the supermarket for longer than you expected?

Don’t worry! Time In The Line has got your back and is a great tool to make sure your experience is as quick and safe as possible.

Time In The Line is a genius website created to let you know the wait times expected at your local testing stations and supermarkets.

All you have to do is put in your address and it will give you the locations closest to you with regularly updated wait times!

To make it even better each location is colour coded for easy navigation.

Wait times are added by other users who are waiting, so you are receiving real-time updates.

Talk about creating safer communities together - We will definitely be making use of this one on our next trip to the supermarket!