This New App Will Collect All The Items You Left At Your Ex’s House

trending 16/07/2021

If you’ve ever wished there was a service for getting your stuff back from an ex after a break-up - now there is. It’s called Postdates!

The app has been described as ‘an operational parody’ of Postmates (Similar to UberEats but for many different items) and is only up and running for a limited time in New York, but we are here for it!

The best thing of all is that it’s super easy to use. Users make an account using their phone number and enter information about the type of relationship they were in.

Whether you were "Friendzoned," "went back to your ex" or "Seriously dated", Postdates will accommodate.

You then submit a list of stuff you'd like to receive back (or send back, if the ex in question was the one leaving things behind), enter your ex’s name, phone number as well as both parties addresses and you’re away laughing. The rest is handled by Postdates. 

The app will then send a message to your ex (or whoever you’ve sent the request to) asking them to accept the order and complete a few questions.

If they accept, you’ll be asked to complete the order by processing your payment information. If you are receiving items you just need to sit back and wait, however, If you’re expecting items back, Postdates will send you a text when they’re on their way back to you. That’s it!

Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, and Brian Wagner came up with the idea for the service simply "because no one else had," they stated.

Better to be ahead of the game we say!

Now as we mentioned earlier the service is only available for a limited time only in New York, but we have our fingers and toes crossed it’ll be such a hit that we will be ordering our things back from our ex’s back in no time!