Woman shares videos of what it's like living inside the real life Conjuring House

trending 22/07/2021

This is a big nope from us.

Tik-Tik user Madison Heinzen shares videos of what it's like to live in the legit-real-life Conjuring House, since her family bought it back in 2019.

We're not talking about the house from the movie set either, we're talking about the legit Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired the films.

Yup, it's the house where the Perron family were supposedly haunted by evil spirits back in the 1970's, described as "a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse", according to Andrea Perron.

Heinzen shares house tours of the notorious home on TikTok, and in some videos she even jokes about the house's sinister reputation.

If it were us... we wouldn't be cracking jokes in the house...

... Tbh we wouldn't even step foot in the house. 

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