Paris Hilton in her cooking show

Paris Hilton Has A Cooking Show - And It’s Coming To Netflix

scandal 15/07/2021

Paris made her "famous" Sliving Lasagne in an episode of her at-home culinary show, Cooking with Paris, on YouTube in early 2020.

For those who don't know,"sliving" is a term created by Paris that combines the phrases "slaying" and "living your best life" into one simple, brandable phrase.

Believe it or not, it's honestly entertaining to watch her make lasagne in her kitchen while wearing stylish fingerless gloves.

She mixes up loads of ricotta and mozzarella cheese to serve on top of a bolognese that she"guesses" the ingredients for. All while bringing us the same flawless energy and passion she brings to everything, and it simply works.

Check out the video below:

An actual cooking show has sprung from this one viral video, and it will be available on Netflix super soon.

Cooking With Paris will launch on August 4th, and we couldn't be more excited. But what is it that she is going to cook?

Well, it turns out although she managed to pull off a pretty tasty looking lasagne, Paris isn't known for her cooking skills. So the six-part series will instead highlight her lack of them.

We sure can’t wait to see the hot mess unfold. Bring on August 4th!