Tokyo Olympic athletes jump on cardboard beds in Olympic village

Athletes de-bunk theory about Tokyo Olympics cardboard anti-sex beds

trending 21/07/2021

The Olympic Games are going ahead in Tokyo and it was announced that the beds in the athlete village were made out of recycled cardboard, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

However the eco-friendly message was completely lost after further reports that the beds were designed on purpose to stop athletes having sex, due to COVID-19.

Reports claimed that the cardboard beds could only safely withstand the weight of one person, and would collapse if anyone else jumped on them - or decided to get a little bit frisky.

However, it turns out the anti-sex beds aren't anti-sex after all.

Loads of Olympic athletes have de-bunked the myth across Twitter and TikTok to prove just how sturdy they really are.

Irish gymast Rhys McClenaghan posted a vid of himself on Twitter jumping up and down on his bed, which didn’t even wobble.

Aussie athlete Tilly Kearns posted a TikTok vid on how good they are. Not only is the structure super sturdy, but the mattress is comfy and customisable. You can even get extenders for taller athletes.

So there you have it. It is totally possible to have sex in the Olympic village after all... Althought we'd like to think people would use common sense during a pandemic.

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