You Can Now Make McDonald’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour Sauce At Home

trending 21/06/2021

You can now make your own McDonald’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce at home – Thanks to Joshua Weissman, a chef with a pretty sizeable TikTok following.

Weissman, or better known as Flakey Salt on the platform, posted a video sharing his very own recipe to replicate the classic McDonald’s condiment – and it’s only got 5 ingredients!

Using apricot Jam, peach preserve, vinegar, paprika and onion power – the video sharing the recipe has garnered a staggering 4.5 million views in just 3 days – so he MUST be on to something.

Check out the seemingly super easy recipe below… maybe it’ll even inspire you to get in the kitchen and get started on your own infinite collection of Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce.