Meet the 10 sexy singles starring in Too Hot To Handle Season 2

scandal 17/06/2021

Netflix just announced the new cast of Too Hot To Handle Season 2.

Things are heating up, with 10 new sexy singles heading out the island - to give up sex for a shot at "real love". Here's your first look at the new cast!

Larissa Trownson - 28 - Auckland, NZ

Larissa is a lawyer who loves a good party and calls herself the real legally blonde. How good?! Another Kiwi is taking on the show this season.

Cam Holmes - 24 - Wales, UK

Cam's a personal trailer who describes himself as a sexy nerd who loves Lord of the Rings. Apparently he can do a very good impression of Gollum.

Carly Lawrence - 24 - Toronto, Canada

Carly is a model and ex-competitive dancer. She's not keen on finding a perfect partner and prefers to have fun. Did she sign up for the right show?

Chase DeMoor - 24 - Arizona, USA

Chase is a professional football player. He says he's got a sex-drive that's 100 out of 10. Again, probably the wrong show to sign up for perhaps?

Emily Faye Miller - 27 - London, UK

Emily's another model who has no interest in commitment and considers herself the life of the party. She also apparently 'always gets what she wants'.

Kayla Jean - 26 - Florida, USA

Kayla is a bartender who's most happy when she’s at the beach tanning and surfing.

Marvin Anthony - 26 - Paris, France

Marvin's a model and influencer from France who already has over 240K followers on Insta. He plays high level basketball and just started his own concierge business.

Melinda Berry - 28 - New York, USA

Melinda is a model and self-professed firecracker who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. She’s also one of 16 siblings, so she knows how to stand out.

Nathan Webb - 27 - Texas, USA

Nathan is a former stripper who recently went through a bad breakup. Is now the right time to star on a reality dating show?

Peter Vigilante - 21 - New York, USA

Peter is a personal trainer. According to his bio, he gets up to 200 DMs on Insta per day from his admirers. Alright then mate.

Too Hot To Handle: Season 2 will premiere June 23 on Netflix.

However, unlike Season 1. The episodes will be released in batches.

We can't wait to see what this season has in store.